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Doctors Warn Not to Delay Emergency Care: “Our Hospitals are Safe”



但在过去的几个月里,全国各地,包括在bt365体育平台,各地的医生所看到的要少得多心脏发作和中风的患者比它们通常做。这不是因为这些条件都没有发生 - 相反,医生说很可能是患者在bt365体育平台里痛苦。


而这些问题是可以理解的,bt365体育平台继续有相应的设备,专业知识,并让所有的患者需要的安全协议 - 包括那些谁拥有covid-19和那些谁不。现在,专bt365体育平台警告说,在医疗急救延迟保健对bt365体育的危害可能会远远超过covid-19本身更严重。 

Our hospitals are safe and ready to care for you


Atrium Health is setting the standard for COVID-Safe care 通过在每个工厂增加新的安全措施,如严格的清洁方案,先进的筛选程序和单独的领域疑有covid-19。在covid安全指定包括bt365体育平台保健医院,它继续提供护理的最高水平,每周,每天24小时,7天。

“The most important message that I have is that our hospitals are safe for patients and healthcare providers,” says Andrew Asimos, MD, an emergency medicine physician at Atrium Health’s Carolinas Medical Center. “We’re prepared and equipped to manage all non-COVID and COVID-related emergencies. By all means, if you’re experiencing an emergency, don’t wait to come in for care.”

Every minute counts for heart attack and stroke


Know the symptoms of heart attack

When a heart attack strikes, immediate medical care is critical. Atrium Health’s hospitals provide highly skilled care in the fastest time possible, increasing the odds of survival and full recovery.

但covid-19时,bt365体育平台已经看到少了近60%,心脏发作的患者比预期 - 有医生担心,心脏发作的患者将会把自己暴露在危险避免医院的下降。

“Know that if you need care for a heart attack, it will be safe,” says Troy Leo, MD, vice chief of cardiology at Atrium Health’s Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute. “The risk of getting COVID or being exposed to COVID in the hospital is extremely low because of all the precautions we’ve taken.”

当涉及到心脏的攻击,保护自己最好的办法是知道的迹象 - 而得到照顾的时候了,如果你需要它。一个心脏发作的最常见的症状有:

  • Sudden pain or discomfort in the chest
  • Pain in the arms, shoulders, neck, jaw or upper abdomen
  • Shortness of breath
  • Discomfort in the stomach, neck or back


Watch for warning signs of stroke

A stroke occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off. And the faster blood flow is restored to the brain, the better the chances for recovery.

“Stroke is a medical emergency, and every minute counts,” says Rahul Karamchandani, MD, stroke medical director at Carolinas Medical Center. “Each minute, up to 2 million brain cells are at risk of being damaged.”

At Atrium Health, which has the region’s largest stroke program,中风患者的体积下降约40%,较一月和二月今年。根据博士。 karamchandani,甚至最病中风病人一直在犹豫要就医,在四月份再等待2至3小时的平均水平。



To remember the common warning signs of stroke, use the acronym BE FAST:

  • Balance loss
  • Eyesight changes
  • Facial drooping
  • Arm/leg weakness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Time to call 911

Want to help spread the word? Share this infographic about the signs of stroke with your community – it could save a life.

Don’t wait for care

Atrium Health is always here for you. And during this challenging time, we’re going to great lengths to make sure we deliver COVID-Safe care, when and where you need it.

我们的急诊室是由训练有素的医疗服务提供7天24小时工作人员,和他们所有的广度和卡罗来纳的深度医疗中心,该地区唯一的一级创伤中心的支持。看到急诊室的位置和等待时间 here.

When to call 911


If you or your loved one needs to call 911, be sure to describe all of your symptoms and be prepared to answer questions specifically related to COVID-19. This is an important step to help protect first responders and get you the care you need as quickly and safely as possible.

Non-emergency care is still available, too

As you take steps to protect yourself from COVID-19,它继续照顾你的整体bt365体育是很重要的。包括跟上你从你的初级保健医生或专bt365体育平台需要照顾,这可以帮助你避免在未来的医疗紧急情况。

在人是否说的,在电话或视频聊天 - 我们仍然提供使用常规护理无论采用哪种方法最适合你的bt365体育。如果您需要安排新的约会,打电话给医生的办公室或访问 AtriumHealth.org/GetCareNow to find other care options.


To learn more about the innovative steps we’re taking to keep you safe, visit AtriumHealth.org/Safe. For the latest information and updates about COVID-19, visit AtriumHealth.org/Coronavirus.